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Line is an application to send instant messages and VoIP could allow you to send messages and voice and video calls, and the Windows clientso you can do it all from all the computers you.

Free calls and messages online main goal is to youcommunicate help your friends for free. Like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, and sending many others, you can line messages and chat with friends who also use this information; Although you have a group chat can begin. Line also includes allowing VoIP features to make voice and video .LINE target different itself from the competition by adding features that will find its old appeal. In addition to traditional text and photos and sharing features, line element much you can talk to you for a little fun. emoticons this would keep dullest frog, and more can be downloaded. Its features expanded schedule, you can live your life for all to see to record. Along with messages, you can add to see all the images for your followers and respond.

A simple interface to focus on the PC version of line interface minimalist. Three tabs you can access your contact list, now talk, you can make new friends youadd. Clients are, and in the client PC is very easy to use all youhave, the QR code with a smartphone that you scan. If this sounds a little too conventional for you, do not worry, because there are always topics shop, customers will experience some PC LINE your .LINE PC is ideal for the mobile version. You can start a discussion about smartphones and continue on your computer.

Extension ideal for mobile LINE If you use your phone to your PC version is due to be able to enjoy the same. It allows you to contact us LINE and talk to them comfortable when you’re at home and using your computer.

Installation using the computer version of the line, you get articles line installed on your phone.

LINE 5 9

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