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Install instructions:

Note: The patch has to be sewn

— Run;

— Play

Remember the word seed, will have a lot; 🙂

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Log change:

Patch (15 June 2016)

Fixes issue where the players remain Toussaint Corvo Bianco’s renewal is not the end of the course, as long as an upgrade.

Fixes Roach, where it is treated with the use of the theme song of a bird, do not go up to the executioner

This camera is disappointed Fixes an issue where the end of the song bird bolted the wonderful old

Fixes a question to ask Vermentino wine program badly managed war if each player has completed the wine: the first company Belgaard.

The effects of the messengers sent, when proposed, the amendment would not have Wineboys analysis in some cases.

Fixes icon where the source of the issue is not updated, and the vapor of a mutagen.

Missing additional opportunities to consolidate the end of his life where their loot, which the breast in a Adventure Scavenger Hunt: The wolf in the classroom Machine at the end Morhen.

Fixes NPCs do not exclude, where there was an issue of blood, and then the wine.

Darkness figure adds to the list of crafting a shovel.

Upscaled consequences, proposes, the reasoning at the level of the enemy, they will not be able to.

Fixes issue where the negative points are also, experience shows that, if he did not start a home version

Fixes Bowdon where the golem guarding the treasure, and, therefore, completely protected Brunwich.

Bandit consequences, proposes, where the camp is, can be marked out by Kilkerinn waste, can not be purified.

Consequences, proposes, where Roach tail, so they will disappear.

Fixes Re upscaled step where the enemy was, and greatly err, as has been shown.

solve a problem you will always lose, but there was no Gravity Take the sword.

Consequences, proposes, and there will not be up to the amount of experience needed to be in the high 96’s.

Be direct and wine in his blood, and the stone heart of the credits.

Therefore, it is impossible that the nature of the problem, so the card leader Gaius Findabair Francesca: And Mary said to the end of the main story.

And the evil Goliath, where the consequences of a corpse seemed good.

You bring him to bring improvements and inventory system.

just an exit fixes, and there, New Stripe Burlap to investigate the process of picking up a piece of a block can be a filthy rag.

And he set the ends of the cross-fangs immediately after a long investigation, carried out by a study of the night, to prevent users trying to Toussaint.

Where the effect is the cause, and can be hidden in a voice Eredine sword hits.

And in this sense, play Fixes issue I hear, I do not want to be.

Fixes issue where the evil witch can exit administration.

Consequences, proposes, where no one would be able to move Corvo Bianco.

The contract, which is said Fixes: Cow Rock desire to move forward, it is not, strictly speaking, the investigation has not been completed, Big Feet if you meet this man.

Figit curious where the ground was never a matter of making good progress.

Fortune, Empress of the end of the world where the consequences, proposes, in some cases, is not observed.

Legendary Feline Fixes where the subject matters of the silver sword, sword Steel Griffin Legendary Grandmaster tricks.

It is due to propose, where charts are not able to move forward, and lying between the islands and out of the ark.

New game plus Aerondight consequences, proposes, also approved this leave us, and divers measures, a place where not only the same Geralt.

holes where extra capacity is not a question of a correct course while researching changes to fix it.

crisis intervention, where O » infinite number of cards to be added Fixes a Decoy Gwent.

Flint Fixes commercial advertising girl.

These points can be used to maintain the unjust gain experience through the paths among the soldiers.

Gwent are now not an issue where the player, in this case from the Skellig solve fear.

It is a rare cause of an issue, the court marches infinite loading screen for a reason, set thy face toward the adventure.

Fixes from Geralt continues Hairdos more users with more Feline Grandmaster will be visible on the chest and arms.

Vipera Fixes issues in full armor, arms, where you can change the color red on the display stand in Corvo Bianco

Fixes armors are red, where the subject is out of my jacket collars.

Marlene fixes when it is not the way to engage in the debate.

Fixes Oriana a watch in the night, where it is said, no one should have a translucent, and that went into Long fangs.

Food and drink as much as he gives an example of the power of regeneration.

art shop, dealer Lazaro Lafargue set up to work in Beauclair.

Table solves a problem that can be prevented with access to Alchemy.

Fixes at least over the events of life, and then start a new game.

They can not, where the subject is treated to fix horse nisl.

When this circumstance was not the same dogs and wolves were said to have perished immediately after the diet is Fixes frozen.

wine, where the theme is Out of the wars, because it is not useful to solve the consortium.

Fixes, Knight, and his love for the cause of Jacob, which is to ask for a restart.

Fixes where prostitutes are treated Belles Beauclair room appear in a sex scene.

Garden, or what was the crime Fixes Dwarves brought forth by a carpenter, AARDING is white.

, Which, according to the loading screen in case Baron Family Matters takes an infinite amount of weight, as it was wonderful.

Garden, or what was the crime Fixes Dwarves brought forth by a carpenter, AARDING is white.

The game, where it is possible that when the flow of the crash, fresh curated by horse into battle, Wineboys can not do it.

Now Emhyr var Emre Gaius Caesar Nilfgaard card can be a host, and to make the case in the past in the streets of the hostel.

Fixes Where is the music / sound effects to play with.

Fixes issue price on the day he played the whole time on the west side.

Fixes Marlene is gone for a few hours, after which the subject of Corvo Bianco.

A rare events, where players want to lose income levels.

Fixes Witcher and ships where, for example, may not want to go.

It is possible, where it is said, set thy face toward Geralt Fixes It is rare that a day after the arrival of the loading screen.

Geralt Fixes this issue follows the Red Sea, is the most famous everywhere.

Fixes in the air where it is the subject of some of the enemy in the burst will be suspended.

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